KPierce_131002_2841 About Me

  • I am a night owl.  I love sleeping in, unless I’m about to travel or I have overnight guests, in which case I’m up before everyone.
  • I met my husband while I was in graduate school in New York City.  We are so competitive with one another one of us usually sustains an injury on family vacation.  I nearly broke my leg trying to keep up with him the first time we skied together. Our perfect night involves a bottle of wine and a game of Chinese Checkers.
  • In 2011 I became a mom, and this has changed everything.
  • Since taking my first photography class I haven’t been able to see the world the same.  Putting it simply, my eyes are open.
  • For eight years I taught high school English in the Metro New York area.
  • I sing in the shower, in the car and at least 30 times a day with my daughters.
  • In 2011 I published Hoboken Dogs, a photography collection and homage to dogs and the city where I first started my family.
  • I am proud of my parallel parking skills.
  • I believe less is more, especially when it comes to best friends and photography props.